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We have created  SILFOS as a response to the need to provide efficient, quality and highly cost-convenient technological solutions and services of the broadest spectrum to companies that "always have one or another challenge that costs them financially, functionally and at a high cost to their community of internal and external users. ​


We are a team of experienced professionals (25+ years in different industries) with many experiences and projects in the body.   Whatever your industry is, we are ready to listen to your challenges and technological needs in an increasingly digitized world.  Let's talk and move forward with your plans to improve efficiency, productivity, automation, remote work, monitoring, security, continuity of your operations

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Areas where we can add value to your business

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Pure technology

These services involve the implementation and management of technological solutions, from computer networks to business software, cybersecurity controls, operational continuity, in order to improve the infrastructure and technological capacity of your company (we enable Office and Home Office solutions so that your company operates according to the current times of society).

Where, after an evaluation or assessment, we look for the best solution that allows the implementation of automatic processes


We seek to improve the efficiency of your company through the use of technology that impacts the optimization of processes and resources through the application of technological tools and systems. This is achieved by automating tasks, improving data management, and streamlining decision-making: all of the above result in a faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective operation for your business


There are many alternatives to improve business productivity. We use the tools and expertise of our experts to increase the productivity of employees and your company's processes


We have the knowledge and strategic alliances to provide the most current and applicable robotic solutions on the market to your business


We provide specialized SAP DevOps services; We offer solutions and advice focused on integrating the SAP platform with agile and automated development practices.  Migrations from SAP to SAP4HANA versions, Architecture and operation in any cloud, operational continuity.

Business Analytics - MKT One to One

We are experts in extracting value from your company's data and suggesting improvements in processes and some areas of your business. On the other hand, knowing in detail the behavior of your customers and generating differentiated value offers for your customers and sales teams are part of our extensive experience

Specialized and seasoned HR Outsourcing 

Tell us what experience and skills your company/project needs and we will introduce you to very experts professionals WITHOUT any BIAS (we highly value experience and often incorporate Junior, Middle, Senior and Super Seniors people) who have been previously evaluated to validate their contribution to your company

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4. You already know the type of positions and preparation we are constantly looking for

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